Exposing Prostitution in Singapore:

When some people walk around Singapore they sometimes are surprised to see a sex shop, or some other ‘inappropriate’ shop here and there. They might also get to see some prostitutes wanting some money. This can be shocking to see, because Singapore is among one of the most conservative countries in the world. You would think prostitution is illegal, but it’s not, it is legal although various prostitution-related activities are not.
Prostitution can be really awkward to talk about even though it can be seen as one of the most oldest professions in the world, and prostitution can be seen as very rampant around Singapore. Afterall one man, by the name of David L. (Reviewer), did say he saw hundreds of prostitutes while he was staying at a hotel in Singapore. However, prostitution can also be seen as the ‘hidden’ part of Singapore. Even most of the people I’ve interviewed told me they had some sort of experience; walking around Orchard you can even see some ‘prostitutes’ and they are usually standing together getting picked up by men. Luckily for them they usually don’t have any pimps threatening them because pimping is illegal in Singapore.

If a man was to become a pimp in Singapore, then he’s in for a very harsh penalty. The penalty in fact is an imprisonment that doesn’t exceed 5 years, and a fine that does not exceed $10,000. A male who is convicted of two or more pimping criminal offences, then he is liable to be caned in addition to being imprisoned.("AFP: Women Trafficked to Singapore Lured into Prostitution.")Many people also have different thoughts about what Prostitution is.

‘Prostitution has long been called the oldest profession in the world, and there is probably good justification for that. It seems likely that humans have always traded whatever they had in exchange for something they needed - and the one thing that a human always has is his or her own body. Everyone trades something about their body for the necessities of living, so why not sexual activity as well?’ (Prostitution What Do You Think » Warren’s Singapore) I feel that no matter where or how it’s carried out, it’s unlikely to be particularly safe or salubrious even if its here in Singapore. There is always a chance one might catch an STD, be at risk of getting attacked, and being pimped by someone. So is prostitution really necessary here? Even in Singapore some girls are actually forced into this, on the other hand though, there are also some girls who voluntarily choose to go into it.We all know that it is not a trade any parents would choose for their children. Yet, in time their children still might end up going into that business due to the money. 'There are some actual College students who are in fact prostitutes.'(Wong, Fayen. "Prostitution Wave Hits 'squeaky Clean' Singapore )You would think they wouldn’t do something like that, since they’re getting educated, but they still do.Why? It’s because of the money. They usually get paid 3x the amount than some jobs one might have. This is why brothels survive.

There are a lot of brothels in Singapore. These brothels, in Singapore, are houses that men can visit prostitutes in. But they aren’t licensed by anyone. However, there are quite a number of them that are 'approved' by the Anti-Vice Branch, CID for operating but under strict control. In Singapore all prostitutes had to be interviewed by them and sent for medical examination including HIV screening. If approved, they will be issued a yellow card for record of bi-weekly medical examination. All clients in Singapore are using these places have to use condoms provided by the brothels, failing which, the brothel concerned will be penalized in the way of suspension. 'These brothels are usually located in areas, in which Prostitution is most common, like Geylang, Keong Saik Road, Desker Road and Flanders Squares.'(Carter, Warren. "Prostitution What Do You Think » Warren’s Singapore." )

Apart from these regulated brothels in Singapore, commercial sex workers can be found in ‘massage’ places and or ‘spa’ establishments. ‘Some massage parlours, including tui na outlets, employ scantily clad women from mainland China and offer massages as a pretext for sexual services. These activities are illegal, and the operators of such massage establishments risk jail if exposed by anti-vice police raids.’(Warren’s Singapore »)Yet, virtually everyone who visits such establishments is aware of the sexual services provided within the brothel or wherever, and they are there precisely because of it. The main red-light district in Singapore is in Geylang. Orchard Towers, nicknamed the "Four Floors Of Whores", is a shopping center frequented by prostitutes. Some bars that I was told of in Duxton Hill also offer sexual services. Overall from this I can tell that prostitution in ‘squeaky’ Singapore is growing. (Prostitution Wave Hits 'squeaky Clean' Singapore.)‘Prostitution is expanding from red-light urban districts into the leafy suburbs, propelled mostly by mainland Chinese women on tourist visas and fuelling a growing underground sex industry in a country known for prudish laws and orderly living.’(Prostitution Wave Hits 'squeaky Clean' Singapore.) I agree with this, since there are suspicious activities in some suburbs. I can also see how Singapore can be seen with a trafficking problem, even though it’s so strictly controlled. But Singapore’s government refuses to acknowledge it and to this day they still have a significant trafficking problem involving children, and women.

Overall Prostitution is still in Singapore and its just as prosperous as ever some might say, but there are dark sides that come with it which is the human trafficking side that needs a light to shine on it. This problem is what we need to control. Due to most women being in Prostitution, in Singapore, are actually trafficked by pimps. Or even to girls who are voluntarily in Prostitution they need to know the dangers of it. In conclusion an eye needs to be placed on this hidden part of Singapore and not ignored by the government.

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